The story of the Plastic Elastolin Miniature
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Hausser made figures of  4, 51/2, 7, 10 en 14 cm. The first plastic figures were made with the old  ‘Masse’ moulds. These moulds were of iron and quickly became bad. Later figures were made with steel moulds.
The plastic Elastolin figures were made in different measures:
4 cm (schale 1:45)
5,5 cm
7 cm (schale 1:25)
10 cm
14 cm

From 1960 were 4 cm figures  made. These were exact copies of the 7 cm series.
The other scales were used for other figures like special uniforms, figures in local costumes and figures of fairy tales.  

Outside Germany
In Austria Hausser had another firm: Tipple Topple. Here were figures made under license They are mostly a little simply painted. They stand on olive green socles with the name beneath ‘Tipple Topple’ or ‘Elastolin in Austria’

The firm Ougen in France imported great quantities unpainted figures. They were painted in France and sold under the name Ougen.
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